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Dragon Ball Z - Imperfect Cell - Discovery (DVD NEW)


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Original TitleDragon Ball Z - Imperfect Cell - Discovery
Region Code1
Format SizeFullscreen
DescriptionHis Name Is Cell

A fleet of tanks roll into Gingertown to destroy the new threat, but Cell quiets the Army's attempt with one swift blow. Now it's up to Piccolo to stop the monster, and his chances look slim. As the Namek struggles to survive, Cell gives a full introduction! He's actually an android, the ultimate achievement of Dr. Gero! (Episode 128)

Piccolo's Folly

Piccolo has been badly injured from his fight with Cell, but he cleverly distracts Cell long enough to regenerate his stricken arm. Now Piccolo is ready for another round, and Krillin and Trunks have arrived for backup! With the odds quickly mounting against him, Cell makes a tactical decision -- run away! (Episode 129)

Laboratory Basement

Escaping the heroes, Cell strives to carry out his awful plan. By absorbing Androids 17 & 18, Cell can evolve to his perfect, unstoppable form! To save the future, Trunks and Krillin race to destroy Dr. Gero's lab, while Piccolo and Tien search for the elusive Cell. But how can they stop an android who knows their every move? (Episode 130)

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